Over the winter we are bidding adieu to our "H" pontoon. It has served us very well for many years but having had a season with the new, large pontoon we realised it was time to say "Goodbye."

The "Old H" will be replaced by a finger pontoon .It will be in the same location and will be the same size overall, with a single hoist point at the end. Its key advantage will be the very high level of stability it will provide - similar to that of the large pontoon. It will stay in the water all year round - one less task for the laying up squad.

We have placed the order with the same manufacture that built the large pontoon and paid a deposit. The parts are on order and we expect the installation will be complete by the training days in April.

So here are some pictures of 'Old H' – watch out for photos of the new pontoon during the spring. These images can be viewed at a larger size here.

Pontoon4 300 Pontoon3 300