Season Dates

Starts        Ends        
Tuesday 3rd May 2016    Wednesday 19th October 2016  
Summer season:      
Tuesday 3rd May 2016   Wednesday 20th July 2016  
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – sessions of one hour from 10.30 to 2.30 (last session)
  • Saturday – sessions of one hour from 10.00 to 2.00 (last session)
  • Contact Frances Brown to organise a booking
Summer Holiday Sailing      
Wednesday 27th July   Wednesday 31st August 2016  
  • Mid-week sailing is restricted to Wednesday because BLYM are so busy.
  • Contact Frances Brown to organise a booking
  • If your child/young adult comes along with a school or college to sail or katakanu with CVSS you can bring them sailing during the school holidays.
  • If they have paid £30 annual membership fee for 2016 they can sail free.
  • If the haven't the sailing is £5 an hour.
  • An application form must be completed for every disabled sailor.
Autumn season:      
Wednesday 7th September   Wednesday 19th October 2016 (half term)  
No sailing on the following dates:
  • Any Bank Holiday Monday: 30th May, 29th August
  • Any Bank Holiday Saturday: 28th May, 27th August
  • Saturday 21st May 2016 due to the Canal Festival
  • Half Term: Tuesday 31st May, Wednesday 1st June
Exceptional Sailing Days      
CVSS offers regular sailing on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.
CVSS also offers some Thursdays for "exceptional groups" – these are groups who do not have regular sailing sessions. We only offer a limited number each season.
We offer a 10.30-2.30 "day" to such groups. The minimum number of disabled children and adults in a group is 12. For a smaller group we would try and offer a sailing session on one of the other days.
The cost is £5 per sailor We restrict this experience to sailors who cannot participate in our usual offering.
Booking essential. Please contact Frances Brown