White KatThe last sailing day was on Wednesday 21st October, which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to adverse weather, and so we come to the end of another successful season at CVSS.
Bad weather has meant that a number of sessions have had to be cancelled but then again we sailed on hot and sunny days too.

Thank you to all CVSS members for their involvement in 2015.

  • To the sailors, their families, assistants and teachers - thank you for your enthusiasm and support
  • To the volunteers - thank you for your many hours of committed work on and offshore to ensure sailing is available for our sailors

Welcome too to the many new volunteers who joined us this year.

Our two new boats, Zebra and Tiger, have proved popular with the sailors and they along with all the other boats will be "laid up" on
11th November. That is when they are cleaned, maintained and stored for the winter. They won't be back in the water until April 2016.

CVSS and technology is moving forward. The website has proved popular and we have received many enquiries, sailors and volunteers via our website this year. On the website under Kind Words, Sailors, Groups and volunteers can leave comments about their experience sailing with CVSS.

We're now on Facebook, the social media site, so please find us and make friends! If you need help
contact Jamie Ridley.

Recording sailing data has been made easier too - we can now enter data on the laptop as we sit and enjoy the calmness of the lakeside. Anyone interested in helping with data inputting next season please let us know.

So here's to another successful season in 2016.

In 2016 we're looking for volunteers to support CVSS in the following roles as well as sailing day duties. If you are able to help in any way please contact David.

  • fundraising
  • attending events ie Rickmansworth Festival
  • updating and producing publicity material

Next year's dates will be issued in January. In the meantime Frances Brown can be contacted with regard to bookings for the new season.