QuizeesThe annual CVSS Quiz Night on Saturday 12th April was a great success ..but how could it not be – clever questions, good company, fish and chips and brilliantly organised by Barry Slade (our quiz master) and the lovely Timandra. They were assisted by Nick King and Robin Smith, who ensured it all ran smoothly and broke up the fights between tables – only joking!

A big Thank You to the organising team and all of you who came along and raised £651.63 for CVSS coffers (a fifth of a katakanu, or a tenth of a 303, in CVSS terms).

We look forward to seeing you all at the Lake or, if you support us via quiz night, at the Quiz Night in 2015 which we sincerely hope the Slades will organise.

And here is a "poem what they wrote earlier" from Timandra and Barry

"We've added the money
and we've sorted the float
With another nine quizzes
we can buy a new boat"

Eat your heart out Carol Ann Duffy!