Dear Member,

Recently the government implemented new legislation to enable charities to become incorporated organisations. There are already over 1,000 charities who have registered that way.

We believe this will also be very beneficial to CVSS. The existing charity is unincorporated, meaning the trustees/committee members are all personally liable for what happens; the new structure would be incorporated. This change alone will make it easier to find new Trustees, bringing new skills and energy to CVSS.

Only last year, our treasurer resigned as he understandably no longer wished to have such personal exposure.

By converting to the new format, it will also offer us the opportunity to adopt a new and very comprehensive constitution drawn up by the Charities Commission themselves.

But on a day-to-day basis, there should be absolutely no change in the operation and activities of the charity. If you wish to read more about the new legislation, please visit the Charities Commission's website.

So to facilitate the process we need to call an Extraordinary General Meeting, formal details of which are set out below:


Notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting of Colne Valley Special Sailors

to be held on

Wednesday 12th March 2014 at 10:00 a.m.

at BLYM clubhouse

The purpose of the meeting will be to consider the following proposed resolution:

"That all assets and business of Colne Valley Special Sailors (Charity 1087031) be passed to a newly formed Charitable Incorporated Organisation of the same name (Charity 1155165), and that after such transfer, Colne Valley Special Sailors (Charity 1087031) shall be dissolved, to allow the new charity (Charity 1155165) to continue the charitable activities of Colne Valley Special Sailors."

E Coombs – Secretary (4th February 2014)


I. In the event of BLYM being "out of action" because of adverse weather, a notice will be placed on this website by 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday 11th March. THE EGM WILL BE RELOCATED NOT CANCELLED.

We will arrange another local venue and, if possible, post details of the new venue in the same notice on this website. A notice will be placed at the Aquadrome gate that will give the new location. If this happens we will delay the start of the meeting by 15 minutes. If the weather seems to be poor, please plan to allow yourself enough time.

II. Links to the "old " i.e. Current CVSS constitution and the "new" i.e. Proposed New Constitution. [PDF files will open in a new window or save to your designated download folder] These documents are also available in 'Public Documents' within Resources

Amended 13th March 2014. To retain the integrity of the above post the text above this comment has been left unchanged. The link 'Current CVSS Constitution' has been removed. This notice will be archived soon.