Elaine1Elaine Coombs sadly passed away in May 2016. She was a devoted and passionate trustee of CVSS.

Please help us raise funds to buy another specially equipped boat in her memory. Elaine's legacy is that hundreds of disabled people have enjoyed sailing, so please help continue this legacy.

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Season Dates

Starts        Ends        
Tuesday 3rd May 2016    Wednesday 19th October 2016  
Summer season:      
Tuesday 3rd May 2016   Wednesday 20th July 2016  
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – sessions of one hour from 10.30 to 2.30 (last session)
  • Saturday – sessions of one hour from 10.00 to 2.00 (last session)
  • Contact Frances Brown to organise a booking
Summer Holiday Sailing      
Wednesday 27th July   Wednesday 31st August 2016  
  • Mid-week sailing is restricted to Wednesday because BLYM are so busy.
  • Contact Frances Brown to organise a booking
  • If your child/young adult comes along with a school or college to sail or katakanu with CVSS you can bring them sailing during the school holidays.
  • If they have paid £30 annual membership fee for 2016 they can sail free.
  • If the haven't the sailing is £5 an hour.
  • An application form must be completed for every disabled sailor.
Autumn season:      
Wednesday 7th September   Wednesday 19th October 2016 (half term)  
No sailing on the following dates:
  • Any Bank Holiday Monday: 30th May, 29th August
  • Any Bank Holiday Saturday: 28th May, 27th August
  • Saturday 21st May 2016 due to the Canal Festival
  • Half Term: Tuesday 31st May, Wednesday 1st June
Exceptional Sailing Days      
CVSS offers regular sailing on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.
CVSS also offers some Thursdays for "exceptional groups" – these are groups who do not have regular sailing sessions. We only offer a limited number each season.
We offer a 10.30-2.30 "day" to such groups. The minimum number of disabled children and adults in a group is 12. For a smaller group we would try and offer a sailing session on one of the other days.
The cost is £5 per sailor We restrict this experience to sailors who cannot participate in our usual offering.
Booking essential. Please contact Frances Brown


Timandra SladeTimandra Slade, a valued CVSS volunteer and also a member of Gerrards Cross Sailing Association (GXSA), was awarded the Ruby Cup. The Ruby Cup is awarded by GXSA to someone who they feel has done the most to encourage, promote and inspire others to participate in boating.

CVSS has benefited by way of additional volunteers thanks to Timandra's inspiration and enthusiasm.

Congratulations Timandra and thank you from CVSS.

PAT training was our final pre-season training event. It was also our biggest yet. We were fortunate in that it didn't rain, and whilst we'd have liked a bit more wind, you just can't have everything!

What we did have was a busy day with 45 of us sitting down for lunch and a chat in the middle of a busy day of sailing and katakanuing.

Thank you to all participants.

The 2014 season begins Monday 28th April – see you at the Lake!

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