It's been something of an open secret for a while but I am happy to say that following a recent Trustees' meeting, it's confirmed that I am the new chairman of CVSS. David Harris, the retiring chairman, did so much for the club he will be a hard act to follow but I will do my best!

CVSS is thriving, last season we had over 5500 sailor hours and already many bookings are coming in for next season. It's a great tribute to our sailors, carers, parents and families and the many groups who enjoy their time with us. Most of all, it's thanks to our volunteers: the folks who turn up week after week to prepare and sail the boats; the many people who organise the sailors and volunteers and do the bookings; the folks who maintain our heavily used boats and keep them serviceable for the season. As well as the satisfaction of helping others, I hope you enjoy the sailing and camaraderie that the time at Bury Lake brings.

Dates of events for next year will be published soon and these will include a repeat of the training days that we had earlier this year. I hope volunteers, carers and parents will be able to come along to these. Most CVSS volunteers I know, but these events will give me an opportunity to meet those I don't and vice-versa of course.

Some of you will be aware we have restructured to club organisation to dispense with the unwieldy committee and replace it with 5 smaller groups who will take on various areas of responsibility and report to the trustees. The idea is to encourage more people to get involved with the running of the club without finding participation too onerous or time consuming (no long meetings to attend!). We'll put more information on the website but if you'd like to help, please contact one of the trustees.
I'm very keen to encourage as many members as possible to get their powerboat qualifications and/or to become leaders. It goes without saying that the more qualified people we have, the more we can spread the load and let everyone who wants to lead and/or drive the boats.

A quick word about BLYM and the new building. Unsurprisingly there are further delays but it is hoped to go on contract early in the New Year. This does mean that construction will be going on during next season and adequate and safe access to our area is a concern. We will be watching carefully to ensure the impact of the construction is minimised.

Finally, I hope to see many volunteers at the Christmas lunch on 14 December. For those unable to attend, I wish you a Happy Christmas and successful and peaceful New Year. Before you know it, we'll be sailing again.

John Bray