Safety and safeguarding

Safeguarding and the safety of all is our highest priority. 

All volunteers over 16 are required to have a current DBS. These last three years but as an additional safeguard, we use the annual update service. A valid DBS is required before volunteers are allowed to work as part of our team.

At the start of each season all volunteers take part in safety and safeguarding training as part of a training day when they are reminded of the importance of safety and safeguarding and the policies and procedures.

The safety of everyone is always of prime importance. CVSS has the use of BLYM's Safety Boats to help and assist when necessary. This makes it possible for sailors with all levels of experience to get out on the water under instruction and in confidence of their safety.

All leaders undergo additional safety and safeguarding training. If you have any questions or concern, please contact our Safety and Safeguarding Trustee

Click here to read our Safety Regulations

Click here to read our policy document Safeguarding Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection

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