Boats and Equipment

CVSS provide boats that are specially designed and built to match our sailors' needs.

Access dinghies

Access dinghies are very robust and very stable sailing boats. They have heavy fixed keels and these, along with the hull design, mean the boats do not capsize as ordinary sailing dinghies do. The boats are very easy to sail. They have a joystick control (not a tiller handle) and you steer left to go left and right to go right. So our sailors rapidly learn basic boat control. Sailors without learning difficulties can learn basic sailing in one session...but to sail these boats well, takes a lot of practice and skill.

There are national and international racing series for Access dinghies.

We have 14 Access dinghies, 13 have double seats allowing a sailor to sail with a buddy while 1 is a single seat boat.

The boats can accommodate different types of seats to meet individual needs. One double boat has been modified and has a servo-mechanism allowing it to be steered electronically using the chin.


Katakanus are large stable 6-seat boats with a trampoline between the hulls. This means a sailor can lie on the trampoline and experience the water in a different and an exciting way. Seats can be modified to meet individual needs.

Katakanus are great for families and groups


When required we have the facility to hoist sailors, who may otherwise struggle, in and out of a boat.  We also have the use of slider boards to assist with entering a boat.


CVSS has a small supply of slings which we use to hoist people into boats and katakanus. These slings are graded by size and the sailor/personal assistant will be asked for advice on the appropriate size.

However, if a sailor has his or her own sling we would prefer to use them. Please bring it along.


The safety of everyone is of prime importance at all times. CVSS has the use of BLYM's Safety Boats to help and assist when necessary. This makes it possible for sailors with all levels of experience to get out on the water under instruction and in confidence of their safety.

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