Sailing 2021

A dry run was held on 15th April with volunteers that demonstrated that before COVID restrictions were lifted, we could have limited sailing on a Saturday, but in a very regimented way. There were concerns particularly with timing as a lot of our sailors have special needs and behave in an unpredictable way and cannot be regimented.

We have, therefore, deferred general sailing until after COVID restrictions are lifted.

May and June will be used to arrange a series of Volunteer Training Days to get volunteers up to scratch with the revised protocols. These will be on Wednesdays and Saturdays and details are set out below.

Assuming the COVID Restrictions are lifted on 22nd June as planned, general sailing will commence on Saturday 3rd July – when sailors can come down to the lake and begin sailing. There will be slight changes to procedures and fuller details will be notified shortly.

In the meantime, sailors must complete a membership form and pay on booking.

We hope that by September we will in a position to return to normal when schools can join us. If all restrictions are lifted there is no reason why we cannot go back to normal with caution and continue to use sanitizer, masks, visors and disinfect boats.

We are excited about these prospects and look forward to welcoming sailors back from July.