Message from our Chairman Mike Marcus

Report following the AGM which was held via ZOOM on 21st October 2020

What a year to become Chairman. Confucius says it is not good to live in interesting times and I think I agree with him.

I have had fantastic support from my fellow Trustees and the Committee and I would like to thank them for this As a result of COVID-19 we have been unable to sail this season and I know everyone has missed it. Unlike last year, the water levels have remained high, but we cannot dwell on what might have been. We have had sufficient financial reserves so, unlike many Charities, we have had one less thing to worry about. Obviously the 200 Club has helped and I would like to thank my fellow trustee, Phil for the idea and making it happen.

We have tried to keep in touch with people over the summer through a WhatsApp Group, our new Facebook page, Newsletters and Zoom. If you would like more information about any of these, please contact Frances or myself. We have also revamped and updated our website to make it more accessible for sailors and volunteers. Any feedback on these would be most welcome.

We have carried out a COVID-19 Risk Analysis based on both Government and RYA guidance and, if things remain largely as they are, we are confident that we will be able to offer restricted sailing next season. Whilst this will be different from the past, we hope it will enable many of our sailors and volunteers to enjoy sailing and katakanuing in a way that is safe for everyone.

As always, safety is our main concern. As things stand, in order to safeguard our volunteers and sailors, we will not be able to offer buddy sailors. Each dinghy will only be able to be used once unless sailors are from the same bubble and then quarantined for 48 hours. Also, hoisting will not be possible except in exceptional circumstances. It may be possible to sanitise the katakanus between uses and we will be able to make more use of them.

We will have to comply with the site rules which are being considered with BLYM and NOMADS to ensure we can all use the site safely. There will be strict timetabling with limitations on the number of people allowed at the Lakeside, together and a one-way system in operation. These proposals been discussed with a number of Schools and they have been largely welcomed. We will be reviewing these proposals in the New Year and will be circulating them then.

In the meantime, this will hopefully be encouraging for many of you. I would like to thank everyone for their forbearance in these difficult times and I am looking forward with more confidence than I had 6 months ago.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year with hopefully some sailing to look forward to.

Mike Marcus


Elected Trustees 2020-2021
(following the AGM on 21 October 2020)

Mike Marcus (Chair)
Graham Vickers (Treasurer)
David Brown (Safeguarding)
Martin Power (Bosun)
Philip Gibbs (Fundraising)
Ken Seymour (Training)