Friends of CVSS 200 Club March Draw

Thank you so much for supporting the Friends of CVSS 200 Club in 2020. Our 104 members have raised a massive £1580 for CVSS after the prizes and licence have been paid for. This has been a real lifeline for CVSS during the pandemic, as aside from a few donations, this has been our main source of income to meet our financial commitments.  

It is hoped to gradually reintroduce sailing again this year when it is safe to do so and this money will help us support disabled people by enabling them to have affordable opportunities to have fun on the water through sailing and canoeing. 
The winners of the March draw were:
1st Veronica Benattar £50
2nd Harriett Elsdon £30
3rd Steve Seymour £15
Congratulations to the winners! 
We will shortly be relaunching our 200 club for the 2021 season so will be circulating information later this month, including the option to set up a standing order. We very much hope that many will continue supporting us to enable disabled children and adults to go sailing and canoeing during 2021. 
Thank you again for your support!