Facebook Page and New Facebook Group for Volunteers

Our Facebook page has been in existence for some years and is our public Facebook presence.  This is now regularly updated with updates and relevant news.The page can be found at . . . . .


In addition, we have started a Facebook Group. The existing Facebook page is linked to the new group, which means that as it is updated, the latest news will automatically be visible to group members.

The group has been set up as a private group which is publicly visible, so it can be found by anyone on Facebook but the posts, membership and contents are visible only to members, i.e. the volunteers. Volunteers will have to apply and be approved by a moderator to join in. This means the group can be used for chat amongst ourselves, as well as announcements and things the wider public don't need to know. For example, someone who normally sails on a Tuesday, doesn't necessarily meet volunteers who sail on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday. The group allows us to 'meet', get to know each other, exchange ideas, anecdotes and news.

The new Facebook Group site also has a files section. This will include documents and forms which would be useful to members only. There is also the ability to post video programmes so that in future training videos can be added. The group can be found here, so volunteers please check it out and join . . . .