Friends of CVSS 200 Club June Draw

Thank you so much for supporting us this year which will again be a challenging year for CVSS. We hope to restart sailing soon, albeit in a more restricted fashion for a while. 

This year we have 83 members of the 200 Club raising a total of £1180 after the prize money and licence have been deducted. Thank you so much for all your support.
I am pleased to inform you that our June draw has taken place and the winners were:
1st Ken Seymour £50
2nd Frances Brown £30
3rd John Hallewell £15
Congratulations to the winners!
The next draw will be in September. 
Thank you all once again for supporting CVSS.

AGM Chairman's Report

CVSS AGM 28th April 2021

This Chairman’s Report is much more upbeat than the previous one and I am excited at what is to come. Having completed a COVID risk assessment I am pleased to say that, all being well, there will be some sailing this season.

We are planning to run a series of sessions for volunteers from mid-May to train them in the protocols that will be required to sail safely once restrictions are hopefully lifted at the end of June. If the restrictions are lifted as expected, we will be offering limited sailing on Wednesdays and Saturdays in July and August. If the restrictions remain lifted, we are planning to re-open fully in September until the end of the season. I for one am delighted at the possibility of returning to the water.

As you can appreciate, there will be some changes in the way we operate and with your co-operation we trust that you will still get as much enjoyment from sailing as pre-COVID.

We will be sending out fuller details in due course so watch this space!

We have sufficient financial reserves so, unlike many charities, we have had one less thing to worry about. Obviously the 200 Club has helped, and I would like to remind you that applications are open for this year’s 200 Club and trust that you and your friends will continue to support this.

We are looking into revamping the site and are planning a new path and the hut looks like it is becoming a reality. We are liaising with BLYM on this and hopefully people will notice the great changes later this year.

We have tried to keep in touch with people over the winter through a WhatsApp Group, our new Facebook page, Newsletters and Zoom. If you would like more information about any of these, please contact Frances or myself.

I would like to thank everyone for their forbearance in these difficult times and I am looking forward with a lot more confidence than I had 6 months ago.

I have had fantastic support from my fellow Trustees and the Committee over the Winter and I would like to thank them for this.

I would like to wish everyone Happy Sailing later this year.

Sailing 2021

A dry run was held on 15th April with volunteers that demonstrated that before COVID restrictions were lifted, we could have limited sailing on a Saturday, but in a very regimented way. There were concerns particularly with timing as a lot of our sailors have special needs and behave in an unpredictable way and cannot be regimented.

We have, therefore, deferred general sailing until after COVID restrictions are lifted.

May and June will be used to arrange a series of Volunteer Training Days to get volunteers up to scratch with the revised protocols. These will be on Wednesdays and Saturdays and details are set out below.

Assuming the COVID Restrictions are lifted on 22nd June as planned, general sailing will commence on Saturday 3rd July – when sailors can come down to the lake and begin sailing. There will be slight changes to procedures and fuller details will be notified shortly.

In the meantime, sailors must complete a membership form and pay on booking.

We hope that by September we will in a position to return to normal when schools can join us. If all restrictions are lifted there is no reason why we cannot go back to normal with caution and continue to use sanitizer, masks, visors and disinfect boats.

We are excited about these prospects and look forward to welcoming sailors back from July.

Friends of CVSS 200 Club New Applications

Friends of CVSS 200 Club

Once again we would like to thank everyone who supported the 'Friends of CVSS 200 Club' during the past year. With no sailing thus reducing our income considerably it was an absolute life line to CVSS.

Last year we paid out a total of £500 in the four draws. We received £2080 in entries with 104 members and friends joining the 200 club. The only expense was the £40 licence in addition to the prizes, so it raised £1580. Plus we had a number of extra donations totalling £400!

We can't thank you all enough!

We invite you to join the Friends of CVSS 200 Club for 2021/22. Once again there will be four draws with some great prizes in June, September, December and March. Entry will again be £20. This year there will be an option to set up a standing order for future years if you wish. 

So please support us once again and ask your friends and relatives too. The more the merrier. This year will be challenging for CVSS with reduced income due to the pandemic. Let's see if we can beat last year's number of members!
Stay safe and thank you

Application for Friends of CVSS 200 Club 2021/22

Harry Marriott

It is with a sad heart that we have learned of the death of our dear friend Harry Marriott.

Harry was a founder member of CVSS and he loved to spend his time with new volunteers teaching them basic knots and sailing skills among many other things. He was a competent sailor who loved his time at the lake. Over the last few years Harry was a regular Wednesday volunteer. He ensured our sugar levels were always topped up by the ever constant supply of doughnuts and cakes! He retired from sailing in 2018. He also celebrated his 90th birthday in 2020.

Rest in peace, Harry, we are all going to miss you. Our thoughts and love are with his family at this sad time.

CVSS Christmas Lunch for Volunteers rescheduled again

CVSS Christmas Lunch for Volunteers

The CVSS Christmas Lunch for volunteers has been rescheduled to Tuesday 7th December 2021 at Batchworth Park Golf Club. 

RYA Sailability release Guide to Autism and Boating

The RYA Sailability have released a useful video and guide booklet about Autism and Boating which will be of interest to CVSS volunteers and parents of children with autism. 

Please see the links below to download the booklet or to watch the video. 

RYA Sailability Guide to Autism and Boating

Link to video from RYA Sailability Autism and Boating

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