Application for Group Membership

The group fee for the season is £75 plus £40 for each seat. No charge applies for Group supporters.

We have made a small change to charges to make things both simpler and fairer. There will now be a fixed fee of £40 per annum for each seat on a boat that you wish to reserve each week - so this is now regardless of who attends from your group. We will continue to charge the annual group fee of £75. There is no charge for supporters even if they accompany your members in boats.

Because you no longer need to advise us in advance if you bring different sailors, nor pay extra fees, each group MUST instead bring to the lake our completed attendance form showing the name of each participating sailor, each time you visit us.

Sailors from groups who pay £40 can also book to sail on Saturdays and during the school holidays.

When applying for Group Membership, you are confirming the weight of each individual sailor DOES NOT EXCEED 127kgs (20 stones)

If you have futher inquiries, please contact our Membership Secretary.

You are encouraged to Apply on-line

By applying online, you are helping CVSS substantially reduce our administration by not having to re-key your data.
If you are unable to do so, download a form, complete it, and send it to our Membership Secretary.

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