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Equal Opportunities Form

About The Sailor (To be completed by or for the sailor only)
The information provided here about the Sailor will only ever be presented when consolidated for the whole of CVSS.
It does not ask about the Sailor’s name or address (apart from their postcode) and will not be attributable to them. When we receive the information, we keep it separate from other data that could link it to an individual.
The information you give us will remain strictly confidential. It will be used for monitoring purposes only, and will be held for as long as is necessary in accordance with current Data Protection Legislation.

If you prefer you can download, print and submit a printed form.

Why do you want to know more about me?

CVSS require this information for professional projects and grant applications.

Do I have to give you this information?

No. Completion of this Equal Opportunities Form is voluntary. If you feel uncomfortable giving us this information, simply tick the ‘prefer not to say’ box. However, we can’t get things right without your help so we ask you to help us by completing this form.

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