Thank you for your interest in applying for membership.

Regretably given the current situation, the Trustees have decided to suspend the season for the foreseeable future. As a consequence, we have also suspended membership applications.

When the situation changes, we will contact you and post new information on our website.

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  • CVSS provides opportunities for disabled people to sail using safe and simple equipment.
  • CVSS is not a sailing school and no formal training is offered, although volunteers are present to give guidance.
  • A safety boat with qualified driver is also present.
  • Although CVSS operates with detailed safety procedures, sailors and/or their carers accept and share in the inherent risks associated with this water sport.

Wheelchairs and Mobility Aids: CVSS will endeavour to look after these and similar items but cannot be responsible for loss or damage to them whilst they are on site.

Personal Belongings: CVSS will endeavour to look after such items but cannot be responsible for loss or damage to them. We would advise that they are not left in the Club.

Hearing Aids, Spectacles, Communication Aids and Electronic Equipment: CVSS recognise that sailors and Personal Assistants may need to bring items such as these above onto our site and into boats. We advise that spectacles and sunglasses do not float and should be secured. We cannot ensure that items remain dry on site and ask that users bear this in mind. CVSS cannot be responsible for loss or damage to this type of equipment.