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IMG 0528Thanks so much – Zach had the best time and the photos Kevin took have given us all the greatest pleasure. I have attached our favourite photo for you to see.
I never would have ever imagined Zach would every go sailing!
He had such a good time and we are so delighted.
Just checking in to say a big hearty happy thank you to you all :)


A great big thank you to all the volunteers, you are truly wonderful. Cameron has so much enjoyed his year of sailing and we have enjoyed watching him. I even went out with him towards the end which I did enjoy. His Dad has been an extra pair of hands on the katakanu many times. This activity is fantastic to do as a family, in fact it is encouraged. Whether there is a parent or a child in the family with a disability it will become the highlight of your week. The volunteers give you confidence in yourself and the safety boat is always nearby. And the fees are minimal. We can't wait for next season.

I started sailing in May for the first time, I sailed right up to the end of the season, I was lucky enough to sail mid week as well as Saturday because I am home educated, I am 13 years old. Since then I have learnt to sail on my own and then with a passenger which made me feel good. My confidence in every day life has improved. I am more willing to try new things now. I have really enjoyed my sailing season and meeting so many friendly volunteers who made me feel good about myself. Thank you ALL, it was such FUN!!!

West Herts College say thanks with some photos.
See their page here

Our group is made up of people with learning disabilities and additional needs. We have enjoyed two wonderful seasons of sailing, which everyone has enjoyed. One of our group members is currently learning to sail the boat herself with teaching support and guidance from a volunteer, whilst others are enjoying sailing with buddy sailors and benefitting from the therapeutic experience of sailing. The environment is friendly and extremely well organised which adds to the overall positive experience for the sailors.

CVSS membership is kept at a cost that our group members can afford, which helps make the activity more accessible for people. Our staffing team also benefitted from the CVSS training day, which was not only informative but fun with a lovely lunch!

CVSS makes sailing accessible to people with disabilities which as a service we value. We are extremely grateful and proud to be CVSS members.

Simply wonderful.

Elisa Farrell

Many thanks for a fantastic day today. All the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as well as their parents and the PNI Team.

Everyone was very welcoming and supportive.

I am sure we will be back next year for another great day.


West Herts College - see their page here

Radlett Lodge School - see their page here

Heritage House School - see their page here

Jonathan and friend

To the team,

A big thank you from Jonathan and his Mum for the wonderful season sailing!

Even when there was no wind we had fun on the Canoe!

We can't wait to see you all next Spring.

Jenny & Jonathan X

Blue Dingy 2 Boys 150I wanted to write and thank you for all the effort the team put into providing this wonderful activity. Your activity provides so much pleasure and support for people with disabilities, and we would all be at a loss without this activity and the support from the wonderful volunteers.

The CVSS volunteers are always so friendly and so helpful which means we always look forward to attending and seeing the volunteers/friends we have made.

S Chatham

Saul1 300









Thank you so much for having made last Saturday such a memorable day for me, my father (Saul) and the whole family. Your work is exemplary and gives such happiness to these disadvantaged people. I have not heard of a group of such motivated and kind citizens offering a sailing experience for the disabled. The pictures you have sent us will remind us of that day. Again - thank you so much! My father has not stopped describing this novel experience to all he meets.
Kind regards
Rachelle de Vries

Saul2 300

hi sailing in the water is fun all my life i all ways wanted to sail i really in enjoy it a lot thanks for being threre when we need you all of the sail members you all make me happy in inside .when i first went to sailing i was exciting to come and sail with my friends thanks for leting us sail from tyrell

Having sailed with CVSS for a number of years, I decided to ask my students what their favourite part of the trip was. Here are some of the things they said ....

"the pink boat, the nice men, the picnic, the swans, the wind, the speed, the singing, the sun, the baby birds, the bobbing"

With so much to see and so much to enjoy who can blame them when their first word on a Monday morning is boat - not hello.

The staff members who accompany the students would also mention the calmness, the idyllic setting, the flight of the many birds and the happiness experienced by all.

Many thanks to all the volunteers and long may we visit you.

Maplewood School

We take a group of children sailing every year and they absolutly love it. Most have never sailed and it is a completely new experience for them. The volunteers are really helpful and we are grateful for all that they do. We will hopefully be able to continue this for many years to come.

Colnbrook School

Hollow sailing people I jast want to say how much a love sailing and how nice the people are there my favourite thing I like doing there is string the boot and talking to the people there

Hello sailing people

I think your sailing is perfect. My favourite part was when you had to row and steer, it is wonderful. I think you should do more sailing with the other people and get more money so that when you start to save up all your money and more children like us can come and sail more with you

Yours sincerely


Charlie has been sailing at the lake for the last few weeks.

He said he likes sailing because it is exciting. As soon as he gets to school on Wednesday he talks to me about it, and has a huge smile on his face.


To the sailing company

I like sailing because my first time was calm and relaxing and my second time sailing was fun and hard work because I was in a cata


A swan went so near us we had to stop for a while, it thought that there was bread on there that swan was clever, then the third time a swan and goose went near us the swan ate my slice of bread!! Cheeky swan and I found out that a male swan is called a cod.

Your sincerely temple

Dear ,ccvs

I am writing to you to tell

You about your sailing, it is very relaxing , makes you want to learn something.
You have someone to go with on a sailing boat especially if your disabled.

My favourite part is going a catter canoe it is also a sport. I like it
because it is good exercise for arm and feeding the swan,

I hope you like my letter and hope you do more sailing.

From jevounghn


Thank you for your ability to let us go sailing and have fun. My favourite part of sailing is steering the boat. When I was taught how to steer it, I got used to it very quickly and was fun and interesting. I liked the waves from the motorboat as well.

Thank you CCVS. Thank you.

From Adam

To ccs sailing

I like going on

Bob along yacht

And canoe in

Berry port because

I like explore berry lake

And feeding the water flow birds

With bread (BREAD MEAT!)

And I will come again soon by josh 2014.

I like sailing like pedal ling and putting my soot on and I liked the geese and the goose and walking to the forest. And I like to see my friends. Love from pierce


Thank you for all your hard work and all your strength to help us. We kindly appreciate it!
And my favourite part of sailing is...Well... Everything really and I hope that you teach even more schools to learn all about sailing
From Ty
P.S what do you like about sailing with other children?

I am in my third year as a volunteer at CVSS. I have met some great people, and the experience of being able to help in just a small way, with our disabled sailors is extremely rewarding.

The day is always very busy - there's never time to get bored. I would recommend it to anyone that has some time on their hands and wants to do something really worthwhile.

Volunteers ViewI have been volunteering with CVSS for nearly four years.
My experience has been most rewarding.

As a volunteer, not only do I give sailors with disabilities
the experience of being on the water but I also have a
wonderful environment to work in with some great people.

I love it and would recommend volunteering with CVSS.

SGM Mug Smiley Small 150I just thought I'd pen a brief note of thanks to everyone that welcomed me so warmly a couple of weeks ago when I visited.

It's clear that volunteers and sailors alike thoroughly enjoy the experience as did I.

Perhaps next time you can arrange for just the smallest of breezes?

And as for this website - it's fab too.....

All the very best.